Driving Market Access and Influencing Adoption of Advanced Cancer Therapies

August 22nd, 2023

Camomile Healthcare brings significant experience in driving market access for pharmaceutical firms. Our multipronged and holistic methodology has proven successful in helping a global pharmaceutical leader meet its access objectives across key disease groups in the southern states of India. By combining our expertise with a deep understanding of the industry, we were able to ensure effective market entry and sustained success.

This note showcases the interventions undertaken and their impact, leading to improved patient outcomes through better accessibility to the latest standards of care. This ultimately helped our client in increasing their market presence and adoption of their products by the key ecosystems in the public and private healthcare space.

Enhancing access to advanced therapies in cancer care

There has been a paradigm shift in the approach to cancer management with the availability of advanced and targeted therapies that offer higher efficacy, better precision, and potential for personalized care, ultimately leading to enhanced survival rates and quality of life.


However, access to these advanced therapies has been a pressing concern, requiring a comprehensive approach to address the barriers and ensure equitable availability for patients in need.


Our client envisioned establishing a strong presence in the state healthcare ecosystem, providing access to their innovative therapies, and establishing these therapies as the standard of care, thus enhancing patient outcomes. Our team’s public healthcare and pharma market access experts were tasked with achieving these goals.

A multipronged approach was used to engage with and influence the perspectives of clinicians, patients, government officials, and other stakeholders to work collectively to increase the accessibility and affordability of advanced therapies.



Our Initiatives

Outcomes Achieved

The above initiatives led to the following outcomes and ultimately paved the way for the inclusion of the latest advanced therapies for cancer treatment into the state’s healthcare ecosystem.


Our Credentials

Camomile Healthcare is a leading pharmaceutical and healthcare delivery consulting firm, with a strong reputation as a trusted and data-driven consulting organization, offering comprehensive solutions tailored to the pharmaceutical sector.

By leveraging our industry expertise and strategic insights, we consistently deliver impactful solutions that address the real-world challenges faced by the pharma sector. Our collaborative approach involves working closely with our client’s teams to effectively help them achieve their short, medium, and long-term goals.

We work with global pharmaceutical companies in the following areas,

  • Public health advocacy
  • Strategic advisory and program implementation
  • Healthcare landscape and market estimation studies
  • Government relations and liaisoning
  • Clinician collaboration and reach out
  • Key opinion leader development
  • Patient experience and engagement
  • Digital health design

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