Excellence involves continuously delivering consumer value. We help you keep only value generating processes at every level and thereby achieve the best financial and clinical outcomes


Operations excellence in healthcare

Gone are the days where just clinical leadership was the key differentiator in healthcare. To lead and be at the forefront of the healthcare sector, organizations not only need great value-creating services for the consumers but also value-generating processes to deliver it.

Camomile offers services to manage your hospital, prescribe metrics to monitor performance, help set goals and manage talent to achieve operational excellence. We have two primary goal-oriented services.


Cost transformation

Achieving sustainable cost leadership

With mounting market pressures, regulatory changes every hospital is looking to deliver the same quality of care at less cost. This is tough and challenging even for the best in the space.

Camomile’s cost transformation practice leaders have the experience of implementing such programs in some of the largest hospitals and healthcare organizations across the world. Our cost transformation efforts are usually targeted at 3 levels.

Level 1 – Quick wins – Focused on thorough due diligence on existing costs and providing immediate actions to be taken to arrest bleeding costs, establish stability and gain savings to avoid further slides in the business.

Level 2 – Sustenance – Suggest strategies, systems and processes to improve and sustain cost leadership. Provide benchmarks to continuously target and improve.

Level 3 – Growth – Identify key drivers of costs and their correlation with the future growth of the organization. This helps understand what cost cuts might inhibit growth. Create a scalable growth platform and strategy to manage costs and propel growth.


Patient experience design

Knowing what your patients want

The modern healthcare consumer is increasingly mobile, digital, contactless and wants on-demand service delivery. Also, the patient is the least used resource in healthcare.

Hospitals need to balance physical and digital modes to deliver an experience that can extract maximum customer value.

Camomile’s experts have been part of customer delight teams for large hospitals and we help our clients with the following,

  1. Customer behavior studies Interviews, ethnographic studies, questionnaire-based research and other tools shall be utilized to understand and provide insights with the current model
  2. Design an omnichannel patient journey The journeys shall be a mix of digital, at the facility and home care making the patient more involved and centric to the entire healthcare delivery
  3. Personalization of services Our proprietary customer lifetime value estimator and other tools provide greater personalization options to go hand-in-hand with reducing customer effort and increasing customer satisfaction

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