We help organizations conceptualize, pilot and scale transformative public health initiatives that solve real problems and maximize true impact. We have served as technical partners to governments, multilateral organizations, CSR arms of large corporations and other philanthropic bodies.


Public health

Operationalizing the most ambitious public health projects

Camomile Healthcare continues to play a vital role in many ambitious public health projects undertaken by the largest philanthropic groups and governments around the world. We leverage our deep domain expertise across the spectrum of research, operations, and implementation to maximize the impact of our clients’ programs.

Our team consists of doctors, public health researchers, consultants, former bureaucrats who help clients see through implementation hurdles like stakeholder buy-in, partnerships, funding, regulations and others to navigate the least resistant path towards maximum impact.


Research and evaluation

Making you sure with our measure

The available data in public healthcare is neither useful nor comprehensive to plan out precise strategies and solutions. Camomile through its deep domain expertise in healthcare, designs surveys, conducts on-site studies, expert interviews and puts together strategic reports with clear goals, timelines, and implementation plans.

 We have worked with over 5 state governments in India and 2 national governments in Africa to put together plans to revamp major initiatives   public health.


Public health surveillance

Uncovering impact through data

Camomile has built some of the best tools in the industry to monitor the performance of various programs addressing critical public health issues in India and worldwide. We continuously devise and implement healthcare analytics solutions and services for clients looking to understand current issues, constraints and address them through innovative strategies.


Technical, training and implementation assistance

Your envisioned impact-Delivered

Thomas Edison said, “Vision without execution is hallucination.” At Camomile, we help you deliver your vision and bring about a positive impact on the society with minimal resources. Delivering social impact needs the right set of partners to achieve stakeholder buy-in and execution excellence. It requires people with the right skill set and mindset to be able to navigate through challenges and deliver on the goals.

Camomile can be your technical partner and provide strategic inputs, help train personnel, suggest technology solutions, manage implementation and provide other services to help you deliver your vision. We have and continue to be technical partners to large philanthropic groups and help them make significant strides in cancer, diabetes, pediatrics and maternity. We have capabilities to expand to any clinical specialty and deliver the required outcomes.

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