We provide digital health strategy, product design, implementation and technology integration services to enable your hospital to stay laser focussed on the current and emerging needs of patients and health professionals.


Digital health

Every healthcare organization today has to embrace e-patients by improving their digital health capabilities. This transformation needs an understanding of the domain and its constraints as well as the expertise of modern technologies that can automate sub-processes to unleash efficiency and effectiveness.

Digital health makes quality healthcare highly accessible and cost-efficient. It facilitates efficient data collection from patients, healthcare professionals and the organization’s processes. This data is then optimally used to improve the accuracy of diagnosis, enhance the patient’s progress and make clinical decision-making easier and more reliable. The use of digital health tools also leads to better patient empowerment- giving patients more control over their health and the means for healthcare professionals to provide a more personalized and effective treatment. Camomile’s digital health practice helps clients go ‘Meaningfully digital- Achieving real business outcomes at the lowest possible cost’

All this is possible because Camomile Healthcare has a strong team of doctors, nurses, data scientists, technologists, business consultants, healthcare leaders whose multi-disciplinary expertise helps clients make the best use of the latest available technology and resources, to design and implement healthcare solutions that are innovative, effective and improve patient outcomes.


Solutions design and implementation

Healthcare can be only as digital as patients are. Jumping the curve or being behind it will not lead to widespread adoption.

Solutions designed for any healthcare organization is not merely stringing the hardware and software required to satisfy functionalities. It is about analyzing the patient’s needs, understanding organizational strengths and constraints, being aware of market trends, possessing knowledge of benchmarks and knowing current and future regulatory requirements to arrive at a solution that is market-ready, future proof, serves every stakeholder’s purpose and guarantees ROI.

Our 100+ prioritized partners network that stretches from simple billing solutions to AI-based precision medicine helps us pick the right solution for the client at the right price point.


Virtual care operations -Your digital front door

The healthcare consumer today expects a “No frills worry-free ” experience that is a combination of technology and experienced clinical / administrative personnel for digital operations.

Camomile and its partners provide a complete package which would directly fit into client operations. We remove all administrative burden from our clients.


Data analytics

Camomile’s healthcare data analytics practice uses proprietary data models and tools to help clients extract valuable insights by,

  • Finding viable use cases
  • Providing strategies to control the volatility of data
  • Understanding vulnerabilities
  • Continuously visualizing the required parameters
  • Driving data-based decision making

Camomile can also help healthcare organizations design robust healthcare IT infrastructure, establish data governance policies, secure a data scientist team and creatively disseminate insights across the organization.


Digital transformation and strategy

Healthcare organizations are riddled with legacy systems and processes that create a roadblock in executing strategies in the digital era. Camomile’s digital health experts have experience in transforming systems to support the continuously changing needs and help realize short term and long term goals.

Camomile’s deep domain expertise helps organizations to redefine processes, workflows, software and upskill personnel to achieve a digital transformation that’s in line with the outcomes defined by the client.

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