Post-merger integration services for Tata Memorial Hospital (TMH)


Camomile advised on the merger of a public cancer care hospital with India’s leading cancer facility. The public facility would gain from the expertise of Tata Memorial while allowing the latter access to cases in North-east India. The integration was complex given the financial, legal and technological complexities of a deal of this nature.

We created a combined task force and are currently involved with the integration process.


On 7th June 2017, the Union Cabinet under the leadership of the Honorable Prime Minister approved the transfer of administrative control of Dr. B. Barooah Cancer Institute, Guwahati (BBCI) to Tata Memorial Hospital (TMH) to make high quality cancer care accessible to the people of north-eastern states. The authorities wanted a smooth transition across all areas including clinical integration, financial, legal, hospital licenses, hospital infrastructure, health technology, operations and others.

The requirement was to prepare a plan that shall act as a guideline for integrating both the entities.

Post-merger integration services for Tata Memorial Hospital (TMH)

100 days to plan and implement key initiatives for achieving the project goals

Camomile used its proprietary methodologies and developed a timeline linked activity roadmap across various functional areas. We defined a 100-day action plan by synthesizing and identifying interventions suggested by three due diligence reports viz. finance and taxation, legal due diligence, functional review and technical due diligence.

The 100-day action plan encompassed the following activities:

  • Operating policies and procedures, employee regulations of the Government of India (GoI) and Government of Assam (GoA) were merged and a standard operating protocol for future operations was suggested. These were developed in accordance with national and international standards, including JCI standards
  • Demand vs supply of various healthcare personnel (doctors, nurses and others) by the specialty and functional area was listed. The existing compensation structure was studied, and discrepancies were identified
  • Healthcare technologies, IT infrastructure and digital health solutions were studied for data and security compliance as well as for automation efficiency
  • Compliance to national and state level regulations were reviewed and corrective interventions were suggested. This included infrastructure related approvals, clinical practice approvals, equipment related approvals and land approvals
post meger integration of bbci

Impact / outcome

The plan was approved by the authorities and has been put into implementation. A combined task force consisting of hospital team members and the Camomile team is in place. Specific tasks, milestones and budgets were set in place for seamless execution of works. 

The long-term objective is to transform BBCI into a center of excellence and to build local capacities in the northeastern region.

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