Acquisition and transformation of a leading cancer hospital in National Capital Region (NCR)

Case Summary

We helped our client acquire an existing cancer hospital in the NCR region and transform it into a best-in-class facility. We assessed the existing infrastructure, equipment and technology to recommend upgrades.

Our client acquired the facility and is in the process of implementing our recommendations.


The client, one of the top three hospital groups in Asia, was evaluating options to strengthen its footprint in the National Capital Region (NCR). A leading cancer facility with an existing capacity of 200 beds and potential for expansion was being considered for acquisition.

Camomile evaluated the cancer care facility, conducted due diligence for acquisition and created a plan to transform the facility into a multi-specialty unit.

Intervention/ Process

Camomile assembled a multi-functional team of architects, hospital marketing specialists, healthcare planners, MEP specialists, digital health consultants, legal and regulatory experts to carry out the following key activities.

  • Camomile reviewed the current model and standards of care provided by the client at other hospitals in its network. This was to be replicated in the current acquisition.
  • We studied the cancer hospital’s infrastructure and identified service areas that can be shared and those that required further development. This then led Camomile to decide on the suitability for a multi-specialty hospital fitment.
  • We interviewed existing and potential patients of the hospital and understood their willingness to avail services in specialties like Obstetrics, Gastroenterology, Orthopedics and Cardiology
  • Existing medical technology and equipment were evaluated and those requiring repair or replacement were reported
  • The existing digital health capabilities of the hospital in terms of IT infrastructure, EMR, patient engagement, security and others were evaluated. Recommendations to improve services to meet the expanding patient needs were provided.
  • The hospital’s compliance to regulatory aspects was verified. New licenses to be obtained were listed. Time and effort required for the same were also estimated.
  • The hospital’s ability to tap into NCR’s medical tourism market was studied. Improvements required were recommended.

Based on the above analysis, the capital expenditure required for revamp the facility to suit the clients’ standards of care was estimated


We provided a phased hospital expansion plan to add 125 beds to the existing infrastructure. Capex to be incurred was estimated, prioritized and recommended.

We identified key implementation hurdles and created an expansion plan that would not require additional regulatory approvals.

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