Hospital planning, implementation support, and cost transformation for a 500-bed tertiary care facility

Case Summary

We were engaged by a large group to revive a moribund hospital project where significant investments had already been made but inadequate clarity on clinical services had stalled the project.

Camomile reassessed and reconfigured the plan, recommended a revised clinical mix and market positioning and reduced space requirements through optimization. The project was revived and is well on its way to being commissioned soon. 


The client, a US$ 2.5 bn group, had planned to start a 430-bedded hospital in a tier 3 city in Andhra Pradesh with a built-up area of 7,00,000 sq. ft.

Construction was stalled for over 30 months due to lack of clarity on hospital planning in terms of clinical and support services. The client had already spent US$ 16M on the structure and was looking to revive the project and accelerate launch. Camomile was mandated to review the hospital plan and provide implementation support.

Intervention/ process

We assessed the existing hospital plan and using our proprietary demand models, arrived at the right clinical specialties mix and defined the market positioning for the facility. Camomile worked with the architect to ensure functional flow and ease in operations.

We helped reconfigure the facility to optimize cost and reduce construction time. the facility was planned to be digital first. Recommendations for key medical equipment, HR, recruitment and training for commissioning of the hospital were also provided.

Hospital planning, implementation support, and cost transformation for a 500-bed tertiary care facility300 (1)


  • The project was revived within 2 months from the start of association with a comprehensive project plan to commission the project within 15 months
  • Hospital infrastructure was optimized to achieve a 20% reduction in space per bed.
  • Camomile’s propriety cost transformation models were applied to rationalize spend resulting in sizeable savings

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