Healthcare model evaluation for a large real estate group in North India

Case Summary

We evaluated diversification strategies for a real estate player that wanted to make a foray into healthcare given the immense growth potential of the industry, including recommendations on the appropriate business model, economics and critical success factors.

The options presented include a strong futuristic view on healthcare and allied services, including assisted living and alternative medical facilities.


The client, a large real estate company from North India, owned a 90-acre land parcel, about 60 km from Jaipur, Rajasthan. The client wanted to utilize the land to establish an appropriate healthcare facility.

Camomile was appointed to evaluate various healthcare models that could be applicable and develop a comprehensive framework to recommend the most appropriate options.

Healthcare model evaluation for a large real estate group in North India


Camomile healthcare’s consultants studied the key factors that would influence the decision on the choice of facility market, compliance, operational requirements and financing.  

We also looked at best in class examples (Indian & international) of the various models considered for the project, including critical success factors and typical project economics


Camomile presented a comprehensive framework comparing multiple healthcare models based on key parameters. We also recommended the most suitable model for the land parcel covering land area utilization, facility configuration, capital expenditure and operations design. Our case studies of best-in-class examples allowed stakeholders to clearly visualize the requirements for potential projects and envision the final form this facility would take

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