Soumyajeet Chanda

Engagement Manager

Soumyajeet is an experienced business professional with close to 3 years of experience in healthcare advisory and implementation. As an Engagement Manager with Camomile Healthcare, he has led multiple client assignments and has created impact on multiple fronts such as hospital design & planning, market research, healthcare IT planning, data analytics and visualization. Prior to completing his MBA from Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai, Soumyajeet graduated from Manipal Institute of Technology with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.

With a comprehensive understanding of hospital operations, healthcare design, functional process flows and medical equipment planning, Soumyajeet has delivered value for some of the largest clients of the organization. He has worked on due diligence and acquisition of one India’s largest private hospitals with ~1,500 beds. He has assisted clients in developing a strategic roadmap for strengthening the cancer care ecosystem for the states of Kerala and Karnataka which included a thorough review of the cancer care infrastructure of the respective states. He has also advised clients on the strategic use of their real estate for appropriate healthcare model.

Soumyajeet is a social media analytics enthusiast and is a part of a gold medal winning team during his executive MBA course for his project. He is also a self-taught guitarist and during his free time he enjoys watching football.