Public Health and Capacity Building

Every day Camomile Healthcare teams do extraordinary things, they go above and beyond to ensure the work they do inspires confidence and empowers change at the grass root level of the global Public Health segment.

Our practice encompasses pressing and most relevant Public Health issues including Universal Health Coverage, cancer screening and prevention, tobacco prevention, water and sanitation and others. We work with governments, NGO’s and private sector organization to create a improved Public Health system.

Our work in the Public Health space includes the following,

  • Assessment of the insurance coverage for treatment of chronic and tertiary care needs of BPL patients.

  • Study and mapping of cancer incidence and estimated growth in the state of Karnataka, with a population of 64 million.

  • Assessment of Primary Healthcare Centers in Nigeria and recommendation of a model to improve the care standards at the PHC level.

  • Study of the healthcare status in Uganda and development of a model for making cancer care available at all levels of the population.

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