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Learning and Development

At Camomile, we are always looking to hire people with extraordinary and diverse talents, and who possess a relentless desire to improve themselves. Every new member is hired with the belief that he or she will be a long-term employee, capable of substantial growth both professionally and personally within the firm. We recognize and value every individual’s desire for development and work to create world-class opportunities to enable their growth.

We have framed the career path according to the demand that every job function needs.

Grow though interesting and challenging work
Be part of a culture that supports your growth and actively creates opportunities to expand your skills
Have an active voice in your career development
Have access to job opportunities within the organization

As a Team Member

As a team member, you will work with an inspiring, talented, dedicated, and curious team. We provide an energizing fast-paced environment where people help in each other’s success.

Working at Camomile provides you the opportunity to grow through interesting and challenging work environment. You will be appreciated for who you are, the capabilities you bring, and the impact you make.

New Year’s Resolutions 2019

The New Year marks the starting point of many new beginnings in life; it is a time for re-evaluating your goals and setting new ones, re-examining your priorities and revisiting old habits. With the new year comes new enthusiasm and a fresh sense of purpose in your personal and professional life. In an effort to learn more about our team’s new year goals we asked them “What are your New Year’s resolutions for 2019 ?”

The most common themes that emerged from their responses : achieve work-life balance, cultivating a digital mindset, creating an impact on healthcare and focus on personal well-being.

We hope you enjoy reading the New Year resolutions of our team and we can inspire you to formulate your own.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year !

Creating Impact

Driving the growth of the Indian healthcare sector and impacting patient outcomes Exploring opportunities in emerging markets in North Eastern India and other developing countries in Africa, South America and South East Asia

In 2019, I shall work towards deepening camomile healthcare’s involvement in delivering high quality healthcare. From being one of the largest health care transformation companies, we will aim to become the organization that has also made the biggest impact in saving lives. We will use technology and our deep domain expertise to achieve our purpose. We shall also intensify our presence in international markets and I plan to visit some of the countries in Africa, South America and south Asia to understand the issues and provide solutions.
For camomile healthcare, by integrating impact and purpose into our core activity, we shall be inculcating an opportunity to drive innovation and growth. Hope to look back on the year 2019 with feeling of deep gratitude and satisfaction-knowing that our work made a difference.

Ragava Rao

CEO and Executive Director
In 2019, I commit to explore new areas where I can create a positive impact to deliver superior patient outcomes for hospitals and medical institutions. I shall build on my clinical and marketing experience to accelerate my learning and contribution using big data, Al and hospital operations to drive healthcare outcomes. With my family roots in Mizoram, I have a personal interest to enable improved access to quality healthcare in north east India.
I will contribute to camomile becoming the trusted and most preferred global knowledge partner in the health care sector. I love to meet new people and I am excited by the opportunity to connect and develop professional networks among the leaders of industry and learn and contribute to the future trends in healthcare delivery.

Dr. Andrew Lallawmzuala, MBBS, MBA (IIFT)

General Manager

Cultivating a Digital Mindset

2019 will be a year of fast paced digital transformations. Integration of healthcare with disruptive technologies like Big Data Analytics, IOT and Artificial Intelligence with present exciting opportunities ahead

Healthcare’s digital transformation has opened up new opportunities for me. I look forward to utilize these opportunities to use data as a tool and practical insights. With increase in government spending on Indian health care, skyrocketing of insurance enrolment and investments, the sector is ripe for description. As a consultant in the Indian health care space, I need to gear up to deploy technology based solutions to meet and transform operations and patient experience in the provider space and in turn fulfill the client expectations.
So I shall devote 2019 to fine-tuning my skill sets in advanced data analytics, machine learning, block chain and IOT to build useable solutions and hope these solutions make a lasting impact in the lives of millions of patients.


Engagement Manager
With the advent of the New Year, I shall strive to create a profound impact in improving the outcomes in the healthcare sector. The rich knowledge base within the company will certainly enable me a learn more about the intricacies of the industry and therefore enable me to executive & deliver projects that will make a significant positive impact.
With the growing recognition of data analytics in improving clinical outcomes and operational efficiencies, I will work on generating the required data that will help achieve superior outcomes for hospitals, both clinically and financially. with the above points in mind, I would like to begin 2019 with energy & enthusiasm and hope to accomplish as many professional & personal milestones as possible.


Engagement Manager

Achieving work life balance

The key to the sustainable development of any organization is a healthy work life balance. Here’s a glimpse into the life of our team as we continue to pursue multiple aspects of personal and professional development

Two clear goals for 2019. I am going to increase my involvement to make health care equitable to the global communities. For this I am going to work on initiatives that will bridge the gap between rural and urban India for healthcare access. Camomile helps me do this in a terrific manner due to the exposure that we have in working on grass root issues to the most sophisticated interventions in every aspect of healthcare.
Secondly I want to create nice work life balance. I will pursue my interests in bharatanatyam and other art forms. This makes me to be more focused and stress buster.

shruthi Muppati

Management Consultant - Tranformation Practice
I believe in leveraging technology in enhancing doctors’ productivity and improving overall health and well being of the seeker. I look forward to continuing to help our clients in digitally transforming their operations. I also aim to enhance my skills in operational efficiency and help our clients reducing costs through implementing best practices benchmarked across industries, thus creating most efficient hospitals and maximizing value for doctors’ time.
To achieve my professional aspirations in 2019, I will keep challenging myself, building my life and career in sustainable way, always paying attention to achieving professional performance in a very human way. That’s my purpose.

Rajeev Loya

Engagement Manager

Focus on your well being

In 2019, we also focus on self-development and devoting sufficient time for the physical, emotional and psychological well-being of our near and dear ones

In 2019, I look forward to continuing creation of new healthcare facilities that would benefit all segments of the population and enable camomile to reach greater heights. With the advent of the Ayushman Bharat scheme, multispecialty hospitals will emerge in tier 2 & 3 cities and this will present new opportunities and help the organization in creating impact in this field.
In addition, I also plan to devote time for self development and ensure physical, emotional and psychological well being of myself, my family and the team. Looking forward to a successful 2019!


Vice President
As I turn on a new leaf in 2019, I will look at ways to enhance analysis and interpretation of data to make my work more insightful. With a mix of biomedical engineering, IT and health administration background, wish to leverage my knowledge to help create a difference.
As a part of transformation practice at comomile healthcare, I will support healthcare institutions in providing affordable and high quality healthcare. I strongly believe that no one should be denied care because of their in ability to pay. Being part of a highly diverse and a skilled team at camomile, I am convinced that we can together play a pivotal role in improving healthcare delivery. 2019 beckons me to learn new skills and meet new people.

Rasikha Ramanand

Engagement Manager
Employee Speak

Dr. Gunjan Modi, Management consultant,
Camomile Healthcare Ventures

What I Like about working at Camomile is the collaborative way we work and the fast paced intellectual environment. The respect for the individual and the continual staff development orientation create a challenging but a rewarding work culture.

Dr. Swapneswar Sahu, IIM Calcutta,
General Manager – Operations and Business Development

It was indeed a journey full of intellectual treats that I thoroughly enjoyed. Camomile is an excellent place for any professional who really wants to learn the tricks of the trade in Healthcare.

Internships at Camomile

Working as an intern at Camomile is more than an opportunity to bolster your resume.
It also offers the potential to launch a career at Camomile.

Camomile’s internship programs offers the students of many disciplines and backgrounds the opportunity to get a true feel of what it’s like to work for a top ranking advisory organization and to experience the life of a consultant.

As a Camomile intern, you will be able to apply what you’ve learned at school and through personal experience to a real client challenge. You’ll work with and be mentored by Camomile consultants, and you will take the responsibility for specific components of a client project. As a case team member, you will gain a 360-degree perspective on life as a consultant—from working on client projects to socializing with colleagues.

If you are selected as an intern, we will work with you to understand your interests and assign you to a project that aligns with your personal and professional goals. Past interns have helped solve a range of interesting challenges, from understanding the training needs of allied healthcare professionals to collaborating together a proposal for effective implementation of a large 500-bed hospital.

We accept online applications from exceptional medical, nursing, allied health, business school, engineering, science, law and humanities students who are nearing the completion of their graduate or post graduate studies.

Interns Speak

Nāga Subramanian S, Intern from LIBA

My internship at Camomile was an important prelude which laid a solid base to launch my career. What I thought would be a back office research project turned out to be a client facing interaction with significant responsibilities to lead and take decisions. The top management has spent considerable for me to guide and direct my work. In my opinion, the most important part of the learning experience was the opportunity I was given to work and closely interact with the leadership team. I would say that my internship at Camomile was a healthy balance of learning and management, which makes it a singular experience.

Anoop Pandiyan, Intern from LIBA

"I was looking for an environment that would provide me with growth, intellectual stimulation and a fast pace. I made my choice to join Camomile - and the rest is history. As an intern, I felt I was a crucial part of the team and the work I do matters. Not many other organizations offer such an opportunity, especially so early on. Working for Camomile has been one of the best decisions in my life.”

Dr. Bhama Manohar, Intern from IIM Calcutta

"I wanted learning and growth. Camomile has given me that opportunity–more than anywhere I could have chosen"

Katherine Suresh, Intern from LIBA

"My internship Experience with Camomile stood out because of the high degree of responsibility and senior client interaction I had on day one."

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