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Design and Hospital Development

We recognize that Hospitals are matrix organizations, with a blend of cultural, social, architectural, technological and economic factors. To enable them to fulfil their role pertinent to the times, it is essential that hospitals should be envisioned for the present and the future. Hospital buildings have to be designed to accommodate the present and futuristic needs.

Patient focused architecture, technology integration with environment, shape optimization, care givers requirements, structural integrity, harmonious convergence of the clinical, diagnostic, therapeutic, administrative, and hospitality dimensions are the essentials that would be incorporated in building hospitals of the future.

With the experience of creating over 10,000 beds across global locations, Camomile ensures and advocates the newly constructed and refurbished hospitals form a balance between the need of the professionals, and the wish of the patients and the community. We provide an effective, holistic, ethical, standardized, accessible, affordable, acceptable, safe and secure healthcare institute.

The bouquet of services for Hospital design and planning are :

Facility brief, listing the clinical content and the infrastructure requirements

Schedule of accommodation

Functional brief

Architectural brief

Schematic drawings

Loaded drawings

Integration of services (MEPI) into the drawings

Medical Equipment Planning and Installation

Camomile assists in selection of the appropriate medical equipment and equipment suppliers to meet the best fit requirements of the proposed hospital.

Our Medical Equipment Planning Services are spread across three areas

Planning and BOQ preparation

Selection and procurement assistance

Monitoring site preparation and readiness, installation, and commissioning

Systems & commissioning

Commissioning assistance involves providing the rights to the teams, and the expertise during the soft commissioning and pre-launch phase of the project, and the finalization of engineering services procurement and out-sourced providers.

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