Increasing cancer care capacity for Karnataka state.


Karnataka state has a cancer incidence of more than 56,000 cases per year. Widespread use of tobacco and paan, combined with low awareness translates into up to 70% of patients presenting only in the late stages when treatment is disfiguring or not possible at all.

Bangalore is considered the cancer care capital of India, but a lot of cancer patients fall out of this net.

The care system is mostly in the private sector and cost of treatment in high. Waiting times at government facilities are unacceptably long.

Thus, cancer is almost a death sentence for a large segment of the population who live away from a major city or simply cannot afford treatment.

Our client wanted to create a tiered, connected system of facilities dedicated to cancer care at all levels from prevention, screening, treatment and palliative care.

The aim was that no person would have to travel far and definitely not leave the state to seek quality cancer care.

Cost of treatment was to be affordable at previously validated rates.

The client also wanted to expand its reach further into standardizing treatment protocols, training programs for physicians and nurses, establishing a cancer registry and conducting clinical research.

Intervention / Process

Camomile Healthcare helped the client strategize this entire process.

We quantified the current demand for cancer services and projected the needs for 10 years into the future.

We mapped out the current infrastructure and manpower available, screening activities taking place and payment models in place.

We visualized the system with an ideal patient pathway.

After identifying the districts where facilities needed to be developed, we under took an analysis of existing hospitals.

We mapped out the gaps and requirements at each of these centers to be able to offer cancer care and identified opportunities for collaborations with existing centres.

Various payment models were also tested to make care affordable.


Camomile Healthcare created a plan on where the different levels of services could be located.

The recommendations included planning of services, phasing of expansion, manpower needs, detailed estimates of capex, and payment options.

This project on completion would enable Karnataka to be a front runner and model for offering cancer care inclusive to all income brackets.

It would make cancer care more accessible and affordable to those currently unable to access care.

Every patient shall be able to obtain treatment within the district itself.

Rate of incidence for preventable cancers shall be controlled.

The population would also have the awareness and means to seek early treatment.

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