Facilitating tertiary care for 50 million through a unique public-private partnership


Ministry of Health, Andhra Pradesh and NATCO Pharma


Camomile healthcare ventures was retained to facilitate and guide NATCO Pharma, a leading oncology drug manufacturer and Ministry of Health, Andhra Pradesh to change the existing scenario of cancer care in the state.

Despite a massive population of over 5 crores (50 million) the state did not have a comprehensive cancer centre in the public hospitals.

Over 150,000 patients in AP get diagnosed with cancer every year and the state had a cancer prevalence of over 500,000 cancer patients at any point of time.

The plight of patients directed them to either travel to private facilities at Hyderabad, Chennai and other locations and those who could not afford had to live with the disease and succumb to an early death.

At this time,the Honourable Chief Minister decided to initiate transformational initiative and joined hands with NATCO, to establish a comprehensive cancer center at Guntur Government Hospital.

The Ministry of Health, AP and NATCO pharma shall jointly fund the project.

Camomile’s role

Camomile deep dived into the agenda and the requirements of both the groups and finalised the documentation and structure of relationship between both the parties.

Once the partnership was sealed, we facilitated the selection and allocation of land for the proposed hospital, identified the medical needs, provided comprehensive design and architectural drawings of the hospital.

The scope also includes planning and sourcing of medical equipment, commissioning, IT planning and implementation and human resources training.

Envisioned impact

The project broke ground in record time and AERB approvals and all the permissions are received.

The Hospital is currently under construction and is expected to be operationalized in 12 months.

On commissioning, the Hospital shall be the first comprehensive cancer care center in the public sector in the State of Andhra Pradesh.

Over 150,000 patients are expected to benefit from the treatment facilities that shall be available at the Hospital.

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